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Home MHP 1.1.2 Libraries & havi/davic/dvb stubs
MHP 112 Libraries & davic/havi/dvb stubs project

code4tv publishes mhp112 Libraries & davic/havi/dvb Stubs v1.1

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code4tv publishes version 1.1 of code4tv mhp112 Libraries & davic/havi/dvb Stubs

Due to the publication of mhp 1.1.2 stubs for the packages dvb/havi/davic we have released a new mhp 1.1.2 stubs package version with all the Specs Libraries where we have included the new "official" package, but to the one we have added the DVB-HTML missing packages:

- package org.dvb.dom.css (4 files)
- package org.dvb.dom.dvbhtml (17 files)
- package org.dvb.dom.environment (3 files)
- package org.dvb.dom.event (1 files)

You can fin the new 1.1 version in the downloads area.

BTW, some of the changes that the new MHP 1.1.2 Draft document includes are:

- adds package org.dvb.smartcard (4 files)
- adds package org.dvb.spi (6 files)
- adds (1 file)
- adds (1 file)
- adds (1 file)
- updated
- updated
- added org.dvb.ui.BufferedAnimation (+1 file)


The package published contais:

  • Cryptographic API as defined in MHP 1.1.2: 11.8.5
  • APIs for return channel security as defined in MHP 1.1.2: 11.8.2
  • SATSA requierements as specified in MHP 1.1.2:11.9.4 Non-CA smart card API.
  • The XML parsing API as specified in MHP 1.1.2: 11.9.5 XML parsing API
  • HAVI, DVB, DAVIC as specified in MHP 1.1.2. Includes also DVB-HTML e Internet Clients
  • Java TV & Java Media as specified in MHP 1.1.2
  • DOM as specified in MHP 1.1.2: 8.10 Document Object Model (DOM)

Please any problem/ us!


Last Updated on Monday, 08 December 2008 11:56

Compiling against MHP 1.1.2

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If you want to create Java code to be executed in an MHP STB it is mandatory to compile with the corresponding MHP Stubs classes

why MHP 1.1.2 Stubs and not 1.1.3 ?

Basically because there are not available MHP 1.1.3 STBs around.

If you want to work with confidence assuming your code is going to be executed in a set of MHP versions, let's say: 1.0.2-1.1.2, you have to test executing your apps in STBs supporting those versions, so it makes not much sense to compile against a superior version that is offering functionalities that are not available in the market yet and thus, adding risk to your application! Compiling with the correct Stubs you are sure you are getting what will be there!

Once we find 1.1.3 STBs we will start the 1.1.3 Stubs project: this time has put it easier since at least they have published the source code && classes for the DVB/DAVIC/HAVI packages.

the Project

code4tv has created and published the MHP 1.1.2 Stubs classes Project with the hope it can help the Multimedia Home Platform developers community.

You can get the stubs in the Downloads area, If you see any bug/mistake or whatever to improve the package please let us know.

This is not a typical development project, it mostly implied the following tasks:

  • research
  • finding packages
  • specs reading and compare with code
  • code and javadoc update acording to the specs
  • some coding
  • compilation

We believe It can be a useful guide also to understand the pieces MHP is made of.

Thanx in advance for your collaboration

code4tv team

Last Updated on Monday, 08 December 2008 11:56