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i-MHP Requirements

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iMHP Client Environment Requirements

Internet Browser
- Current Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome versions. 
about IE: it does not work properly with VideoLan Plug-in so you will have to open Videolan externally and then apply the connection params provided by the application.

Operating Systems
No problems detected with Linux, XP or Vista, as far as you use the correct Browser and Videolan versions

Video & Audio
iMHP adopts VideoLan to stream the video coming from the STB.

  • Watching the video with the Videolan plugin inside the iMHP app: To be sure to receive the video properly in the plugin it is very important to install this Videolan version: v0.8.6i. You can download it here: Be sure to install the mozilla plugin
  • Watching the video with Videolan outside the iMHP app: For this purpose you can install the latest version of Videolan, 0.9.8a.
  • UDP or HTTP: iMHP lets you decide at any time whether to receive the video/audio over UDP or HTTP.
- UDP: This is the most efficient way to stream the video/audio. Check your firewall to let you receive the packets. Default port 1234.
- HTTP: In this case you will get the content accessing by http to the iMHP Server.

HTTP Server

During the mhp course all the STBs used will be plugged to Internet, so:

  • you will be able to upload your Xlet classes to the STB providing your HTTP Server URL location where they are placed.
  • your Xlets will be able to get content from the web, for example residing on your own HTTP Server.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 16 July 2011 09:39